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JOY (n.) "The feeling of pleasure and delight as a source of bliss and happiness.

A visual art piece imagined, produced and directed by Lamar Johnson. The essence of this piece is presented to deliver the expression of delight and harmony, through the rawest form of dance: freestyle - Immerse yourself in the experience and allow yourself to guide towards the light.

*Recommended to view in high definition*


'Untitled' is lamar johnson's first ever self-produced video for his audience. choreographedenvisioned and directed by lamar - click above and immerse yourself into an engaging visual experience.

* Recommended to view in high definition *


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'Shade' is a collaboration between Simeon Qsyea (birdgang dance company) from london, england & Lamar Johnson after they worked together on the bbc show taking the next step. through their introduction, they both had common interests and immediately hit it off and knew they had to create something together. SHADE.

- Shade has been selected for the London dance film festival 2016 - 

'blow a check'

'Blow a check' is a promotional dance video lamar creative directed for his event with raw motion dance - which took place on august 7th in halifax, ns & august 14th in montreal, qc.